Friday, 29 March 2013

My New Site:

I've just started a brand new website, It's a blog that I feel will be helpful for a lot of people, this site was a little baby and the start of a lot of online blogging adventures.

But now, with my new site getting into full swing. Here is my new site:

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

It's been a while, but new things are in the works.

Hello all, i haven't been on this blog in a long while, and after i made a very large group of friends through this site, i thought I'd like to make sure you all know what i'm currently doing.

I have a brand new blog, and i am updating it fairly regularly; in between my uni coursework, so if you will. I'd really appreciate it, if you could check it out.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Bill Gates says goodbye.

Bill Gates takes one last stand.

After a 2 year transition period, Bill Gates has made his final speech as Chairman and co-founder of Microsoft industries at the TechEd Developers Conference.
After spending over 35 years, as a Full, day-to-day Microsoft employee and Chairman, Bill gates says that he will be spending only "20%" of his time, working towards Microsoft Industries.

What will he do the rest of the time?
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will be his new goal. He will be working towards his very own foundation, giving only a small portion of his time, to the company he gave birth to.

But after 35 years of nurturing, Bill Gates, says he trusts the strive and determination within Microsoft, and believes that Microsoft will continue to strive even under the pressure of such a heavy blow.

I personally find this rather upsetting as I'm fond of Bill Gate's presence in computers, and believe he is one of many reasons, that computers are, what they are.

Monday, 2 June 2008

It's time for a change.

Over the next few days, i will be getting a new layout, a new Name: -yes Geek is the new Black, is going.
And we're going for something different.
Also, over this period, very little will i be posting.
I will be posting the most important posts as they come, but as for now.
Thanks for everyone who's returning on a daily basis.
And welcome all the new comers.

Look forward to the new change up.
should be good. :)

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Hardware makers' Drivers must meet Microsoft 7's tests.

Microsoft are now making it mandatory for Hardware makers to carry out the Microsoft 7 tests, in order for them to earn themselves the 'Certified for Microsoft 7' badge.

With Microsoft's new multi-touch technology, being released on their new Operating system, that will also include several other major graphic interface changes, it comes as no surprise that a new level from the drivers will be needed, and met. To do this, Microsoft are making it mandatory that hardware makers fit the Microsoft 7 profile.

They have wasted no time, starting this process, with the launching on the Operating system expected in 2 years time, but then again; we all should have seen this coming after the Windows Vista's driver flops and constant incompatibility.

Lets just hope this testing pays of, and they don't make the same mistake as last time.

Geek is the new BLACK

Saturday, 31 May 2008

Google's hate for ebay, revealed

Internet battles, are going on everyday in this race to be the super-power of the Internet.
Whether the conflicts be secretive or not, the conflicts are there!
But even the secret attacks, can get sought out and exploited; and that's exactly what an Australian Competition Watchdog did to Google.

With eBay's upcoming idea of having it's users use the Paypal system to place bids and deal with money, speculation over the smartness of this decision is arising. And from some of the most unlikely people.

The Submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) website on the 11th of April, was a 38 page submission, explaining and showing how if this proposition of Pay-pal only was given the go, that it would not be beneficial to the net public.
The submission was a Anonymous submission, with the users identity withheld. Or so they thought.

The submission was sent as a .PDF file, and the Australian Commission, was then able to see who sent this, by the Internet fingerprint, found on the .PDF submission, that actually linked the submission, slating and disagreeing with the decisions of eBay, to come from a Google address, showing that Google, a huge power already, is sending anonymous attacks to it's rivals.

One piece of meta data:
"Microsoft Word - 204481916_1_ACCC Submission by Google re eBay Public _2_.DOC"
Was found. Now the fresh conflict between eBay and Google has started.

Big mistake by Google? Or is the Pay-Pal move, really that much of a bad decision.
We shall see in the time coming up, when the battle between these two super powers begins.

For a more detailed report of this click here.

Friday, 30 May 2008

Google bring out, what everyone's wanted.

I'm a fan of Google earth, and have used it around friends houses, but I've never really been that keen on downloading the desktop application and to have it run as a program.

But now, Google are set to release their web-browser version of Google Earth, that is accessible in the two main Browsers: Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.
It comes as an Plugin, which are easily accessible and usable, making the world of 3D and map covering potential, easier than ever.

Rival, have obviously been put under pressure, with the up-coming release of such a giant competitor, but this step from google has been anticipated for quite sometime.

I will personally be using this Plugin when it comes out.

For more information you can visit the GoogleEarth Plug-in Page.

Geek is the new BLACK