Sunday, 1 June 2008

Hardware makers' Drivers must meet Microsoft 7's tests.

Microsoft are now making it mandatory for Hardware makers to carry out the Microsoft 7 tests, in order for them to earn themselves the 'Certified for Microsoft 7' badge.

With Microsoft's new multi-touch technology, being released on their new Operating system, that will also include several other major graphic interface changes, it comes as no surprise that a new level from the drivers will be needed, and met. To do this, Microsoft are making it mandatory that hardware makers fit the Microsoft 7 profile.

They have wasted no time, starting this process, with the launching on the Operating system expected in 2 years time, but then again; we all should have seen this coming after the Windows Vista's driver flops and constant incompatibility.

Lets just hope this testing pays of, and they don't make the same mistake as last time.

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