Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Bill Gates says goodbye.

Bill Gates takes one last stand.

After a 2 year transition period, Bill Gates has made his final speech as Chairman and co-founder of Microsoft industries at the TechEd Developers Conference.
After spending over 35 years, as a Full, day-to-day Microsoft employee and Chairman, Bill gates says that he will be spending only "20%" of his time, working towards Microsoft Industries.

What will he do the rest of the time?
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will be his new goal. He will be working towards his very own foundation, giving only a small portion of his time, to the company he gave birth to.

But after 35 years of nurturing, Bill Gates, says he trusts the strive and determination within Microsoft, and believes that Microsoft will continue to strive even under the pressure of such a heavy blow.

I personally find this rather upsetting as I'm fond of Bill Gate's presence in computers, and believe he is one of many reasons, that computers are, what they are.


Jenn said...

I don't know...part of me feels like he'll be giving more than just "20%" of his time to Microsoft. I mean, he's Bill Gates! How does one just stop being Bill Gates?!

Do you notice that I often forget to link to Must Love Geek? I always use my personal blog. I need to pay attention more!

Geek is the new BLACK said...

i do notice that from time to time, but i just click on the link to the right. >>

And yeah, i can see any bad situation or problem, or any occurance that happens at Microsoft being told to Bill Gates traight away, he may of stepped from his position but no doubt he'll be in full controll of anyone who goes onto fill his place.

Geek is the new Black.

Bob said...

A few years ago Bill Gates was...

Dan Carter said...

bill gates is a legend. no matter what he does with his time :P

Life is Great said...

A true legend right there

Jon said...

Hmm I don't really know what to say.
Is he really going to cut back? Only time will tell.

trigger said...

Rich guys have a wierd lifestyles.

If I had as much money as he does, I don't think you'd see me sober/clean/not getting laid very often.