Wednesday, 28 May 2008

8800 GT SLI or 9800GT

I built my own PC, for one purpose: GAMING.
And i wanted to fit it with some of the best components of its time. And i feel i did that successfully, my most proudest part:

Nvidia GeForce 8800gt.

112 Stream Processors
512 MB 256 bit DDR3
1800 MHz (effective)

This was a good Graphics card, and it still is. It has alright cooling. Not the best. and can handle games such as Crysis with next to no problems.
But now I've reached that stage where i want a bit more, i want to top my computer that extra bit, and i want to be able to show of such a computer and play games with more than just: "next to no problems"
And with the new GT's out,

9600 GT.

650 MHz GPU
64 Stream Processors
512 MB, 256 bit DDR3
1800 MHz (effective)

And i know, that there's the 9800GTX's being released, and they're everything the 9600's are, and more, and don't get me wrong, i'd love to be able to say that i have a 9800GTX, but for only a little bit more, are the 9800gtx's worth the money?

Well my problem is:
Do i go out, and get myself another 8800GT, and simply SLI the two graphics cards, and have them both running as one.
or do i count up my pennies, and go out and buy myself, a new 9600GT and use that?

Any responses, and any help would be appreciated.
Geek is the new BLACK.

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Hype! said...

9600 = suckfest! yayayayayay

8600 upgraded to 9600

8800 upgraded to 9800

although the 9800 cards have no real new architecture rather, two GPU's to replace the one as in the GX2.

So atm, if you aren't loaded like me :D!!! dont waste cash on the 9800 series imho wait until the next series is released.

9600 = for the budget gamer, i would get a 8800 GT/GTS for similar price.

9800 GTX = overpriced for what it is, essentially 8800 GTS upgrade with minimal performance gain.

9800 GX2 = two 8800's sandwhiched together with superglue! overpriced teh fook, wait till the GeForce GTX 200 Series (NEW GPU!)

ofc you knew all of this Luke tho didnt ya :D!

Mark out..