Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Microsoft look to save themselves after Vista Flop.

Even though Vista, managed to ship over 150 million copies world wide; Chief executive Steve Ballmer said at a conference that he admits, to wanting the new O/S to do better than Vista.
Vista was a much anticipated operating system that failed to suffice on many levels disappointing many. But Microsoft hope that Windows 7, will do better.

What is Windows 7, what makes it so good?
Windows 7, is a new operating system from Microsoft, hoping to be released at a target of 2010.
Whether they accomplish this, is another matter.
What makes Windows 7, so good is it's much talked about multi-touch technology.

This technology looks to change: ""The way you interact with the system will change dramatically," - Said by Microsoft chairman Bill Gates.

Its technology will allow the interaction of a computer and user to be touch screen, and multi-touch at that. Allowing the user to do such necessary tasks as: Paint, Play the piano, and re-size images with both hands.

The question:
As this will revolutionise and almost rid the computing world of 'mice' is this revolution of technology going too far, and will this technology be affordable.

And would you want such technology in your home instead of the use of a basic mouse?

Geek It BLACK.


freeandflawed said...

I got a little excited about this when I read about it earlier today. Then my heart sank a wee bit when I noticed the 2010 release date. Bah!

I'm skeptical of Windows because of Vista. I'm an unfortunate Vista user and will be trading in my VAIO for a Mac in about 3 weeks. Hopefully Microsoft knows what they're doing this time and doesn't eff up. I'd consider purchasing one come 2010.

Geek is the new BLACK said...

I'm a vista user too, and im not that thrilled with how vista's treating me.

and for the excitment, you're not the only one, i saw the release of it, got excited, then saw 2010. But even so, maybe they're actually going to take there time with this O/S, this time?

Oh, and can i ask some advice.. Mac's; yes or no?

i've been constantly looking into a mac, but always thrown of by something or other. then i started looking into an Asus, and i'm just stuck again. i just don't know what to do.

Would you say Mac's a good way to go?

freeandflawed said...

I hope Microsoft doesn't disappoint. Let's pray they've learned from their mistakes.

As for the Mac vs. Asus question...I'm really not sure. I don't know anybody with an Asus so I'm going with a Mac only because I've had so many recommendations for it.

I was worried that I was being sucked into a lot of hype with the Mac, but I've been using a Macbook Pro at work for a while and I'm pretty in love with it.

If you do get an Asus though, I expect plenty of reviews! :)

Geek is the new BLACK said...

You'll be the first to get all my feedback if i go the Asus way.

I'm aiming to get a laptop, what ever way i chose, pretty soon.

And, as for Microsoft, we'll see if they learnt their lesson, in a year and bits time.