Thursday, 29 May 2008

"Most Downloaded Software in one day." Is the record targeted by Firefox.

Firefox, is looking to hit a new record: The most software downloads in 24 hours.
With the new release of Firefox 3, coming out sometime in June Mozilla, are asking customers to pledge to download. The official release of Firefox 3, is to still a date: unknown.
Whether they manage to reach their target number of downloads, and take the record is still to come.

But with Firefox's already huge amount of customers, and their daily downloads reaching between: 210 Thousand and 250 Thousand. I'm sure they'll overcome such a challenge.

If you want to know more about what exactly Firefox 3 has to offer, and to see its release notes visit:
Firefox 3 Release notes page.

Do you believe that firefox can take the record or not?

For more information visit:

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Arvin Bautista said...

Thanks for the comment! Have you considered taking the FF3 betas for a spin? I'm still too much of a pussy for it myself.

If you'd like to do a link exchange, I'd be more than up for it, I've been wanting to connect with other small time bloggers like myself.

Thanks again!