Friday, 30 May 2008

Intel's competitive effots to trump AMD.

"Competitive is an understatement"

As you may or may not have heard Intel plan to make it clear to AMD, just who exactly has the better processors.
Intel has already thrown the idea of the release of their 6-core processor, which will almost definitely trump the Quad core of AMD, to the public, and got many people talking.

But the only thing is, is this needed?
Many review sites, such as zdnet said that they cannot see what the point of these 6 cores are, in a blog post, Larry of zdnet posted: "Intel needs more cores to thump AMD. You may not need them."
I believe this couldn't have been put in a better way?

Quad cores, are currently top range, satisfying the largest tasks computers can be put up against on a daily basis. So what is the point in six, when we are yet to need more than 4?
In my eyes, Intel is taking a step to far, in its efforts to beat AMD, by producing a more expensive, yet un-needed item.

What do you think?

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